With the passage of time and passage from one place to another, the family who came before us, weaves a story that is rich with history. Pieces of our family's story resides in us and tells us who we are.

Speaking and Teaching

Peggy's background as a librarian, teacher of Internet and other technical skills, facilitator of the Writers' Forum at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, and of course genealogical researcher, prepares her well for the following talks and classes.


  • Writing Your Family Story One Page at a Time (1 hour talk to 4 hour class) - Sometimes we get stuck in research mode, even though we know we need to write about what we have found. Learn the bones of how to get your story told; creating a plot, scene, and character to bring your story alive.

  • Citing Your Research Sources: Why do We Care? (1 hour talk to 4 hour class) - Learn the importance of citing your research sources and what to include in citations for the sources used in genealogy.

  • Search, Browse, and Navigate Your Way to Your Family on the Internet (1 hour talk to 4 hour class) - Peggy has many years of teaching people how to find what they need on the Internet. There are techniques that can be learned, beyond putting a few words in a search box.

  • Shrewd Internet Strategies: Diving Deeper (1 hour talk to 4 hour class) - Solve the problems of finding what you looking for, remembering where you found it, and keeping track of the information you find. Learn how search engines work, how to browse when searching doesn't work, capture where you find information using Delicious.com, and capture what you find using Evernote.

  • Prepare for Research Trips using the Internet (1 hour talk to 4 hour class) - The Internet allows you to know so much more about what you will find and where you will find it, as well as how to get there and where to stay. Learn how to develop a research and trip plan to make the most of your research trip.

  • Spreadsheets for Genealogy: Chronologies, Research Logs, and Making Sense of Your Research (1 hour talk to 4 hour class) - Spreadsheets allow you to present, filter, and sort your information to see the patterns in your research results to solve problems. See Excel Spreadsheet features demonstrated, or even better, practice them in a hands-on class.

  • Mind Mapping for Genealogists (1 hour lecture) - Use this technique to capture information about a research subject, sources of information to consult, etc. People don't always think linearly and mind mapping allows you to capture information and make research plans the way you actually think.

  • Oregon Trail: Who Came and What Would Make Them Walk 2000 miles? (1 hour talk) - Learn about the history of this phenomenon of history, a mass migration of 2000 miles. What made them do it? What was it like? What kind of information is out there about the people who traveled the Oregon Trail and where do you find it?

Fees: Negotiable speaker's fee, lodging, travel, per diem, publicity, reprints of syllabus and complimentary conference fees.