With the passage of time and passage from one place to another, the family who came before us, weaves a story that is rich with history. Pieces of our family's story resides in us and tells us who we are.

How It Works

  • It starts with a contact from you by phone or by using the Family Passages Research Query Form.
  • Peggy Baldwin, Family Passages genealogist, lets you know if she can do the work for you or suggests someone else, if for any reason she doesn't think she is the best person for the job.
  • If Peggy can do it for you, she will send you a proposal and agreement, including the hours necessary to do the work.
  • You sign the agreement and return it with a retainer equal to one-half of the estimated research hour fees (check or credit card via PayPal).
  • As soon as the retainer is received, Peggy does the research in courthouses, libraries, archives, and cemeteries.
  • She sends you a report with copies of original documents, an analysis of the information found, suggested further research, and an invoice.
  • You pay the research fees, minus retainer, upon receiving the invoice (check or credit card via PayPal).
  • You are control of the process, contracting with Peggy for research as you can afford it, always having an estimate ahead of time of the hours for an agreed upon research objective.
  • Peggy can not give you an estimate of how much it will cost or how long it will take to "trace a family tree", because it all depends on the particulars of a family. Some of our families do a better job of hiding than others!
  • What Peggy can promise you is research done in a professional and efficient manner.